Erika Körner

Garment Design, Craft and Materials Research
Deconstruction, reconstruction, convergence of processes.
Bodies in clothes, clothes blending with
bodies, potential bodies, distorted bodies...
Occupying physical, symbolic, virtual spaces.
Hyperrealism meets post-functional.
Identity folds. Draping fashion rhizomes.
2D, 3D, 2D3D, 3D2D3D
analog -- digital

I’m wrapped in cloth. The cloth wraps around me.
It senses me. I sense it.
Seeking a new kind of connection, I realize I’m already in contact. Trapped in a never-ending cycle of touching and being touched, feeling and being felt, caressing and being caressed.

I become aware of a new layer of perception.

its subtle whisper remains a silken mystery.

charm me
chain me
dazzle me
i’m dangling from your ears and sending you sweet sweet vibrations through your skull and into your brain

you choose
you play
you let me hang out
and take me on your way

uuppsi i’m shinier than allll the other earphones you’ve ever had the pleasure to listennn

What role does the body play in our own personal identity? When parts of the body are altered, augmented, added or lost, how does this affect our sense of “self”?

For most, the body makes up the physical presence of what we consider to be our “self”. Sometimes clothes become an extension of this body; pieces that are worn every day, for example, or have a practical use. But at what point do clothes begin to confuse our idea of the body itself?

True neutrality? Invisibility.
Covering things not meant to be seen.
Try not to ignore them.

Simplified complexity.
Smoothed roughness.
Diluted bitterness.
A rainbow faded beyond recognition.

Designed to be overlooked.
An almost indecipherable grey with faded edges and soft scuff marks. A touch of grime to make it blend into surroundings.
It’s all around. Just look up.

Take a ring.
One you were given. A ring that got away. Just to be transparent, the ratio of time lost vs. time on your finger is nearly 10:1.

Fast forward >> you have the unique opportunity to sculpt it from memory. Create a replica, a fold in time. Picking up the tools is easier than expected. And somehow it becomes more than just an object. Shedding scales of an age – the obligation is fulfilled.